Camper Supplies - Great Gifts for Campers

Are you writing out your gift list for friends and family for Christmas? If they are campers, I have some unique camper supplies that will make their future camping trips more fun. These gift ideas are for men, women and kids. Here are items that will bring a smile when opened at Christmas or birthday times and even more smiles when used on the next camping trip.

Gifts for cooks: Cast-iron cookware
Food just tastes better cooked outdoors and in a cast-iron pot. Cast iron is the ideal heat conductor, heating evenly and consistently. Some cooks are hesitant to use cast iron because of the care and maintenance needed. Now there are pre-seasoned cast-iron griddles, pans and pots to help with the maintenance. The seasoning is what gives that great flavor to your food. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's directions on cleaning and seasoning.

If Dad loves to cook breakfast, give him a cast-iron grill/griddle combo. Begin the morning with a breakfast of pancakes and eggs on the griddle. Flip it over to use as a grill for lunch. I can smell that frying bacon wafting through the campsite now.

Mom can make a delicious soup or stew and let it cook all day over the campfire in a cast-iron Dutch Oven. Or does Dad do the honors when cooking outdoors?

Gifts for kids

Kids love roasting wieners and marshmallows over the campfire. I always worry that they will get too close to the fire. The Super Duty Wiener Fork is 43 inches long, so a child can stand away from the fire and still roast a delicious treat. A pie iron for making grilled sandwiches or desserts allows children to put together what they want to eat and then cook their creations. And what better camping treat than fresh popcorn popped in a non-stick popcorn popper? You can season it just the way the family likes. Kids-at-heart will enjoy these gifts too.

Gifts for men
The Leatherman is a multi-purpose tool that folds together into a handy four-inch case. It comes with a leather sheath that slides on his belt. This nifty item includes pliers, wire cutters, knife, file, saw, scissors, screw drivers (including a Phillips), ruler, bottle/can opener, wire stripper and more. My husband keeps it on his belt for camping and doing handyman tasks around the house. There is also a Leatherman available for fishermen. You may need this Leatherman to put gifts together on Christmas morning too.

A battery-powered lantern or flashlight, whether at home or camping, makes a useful gift.

Gifts for hikers and runners
A shoe wallet is an important gift for folks who run and hike. IDs and medical information can be placed in these little wallets that fit over the laces of the shoe. It also includes a pocket for cash and keys.

Weather is an important factor for campers and hikers. A weather radio will alert you to storms in the area. Give this potentially life-saving gift to your family and friends.

The all-time best gift
This gift is perfect for men, women, kids, the young, and the old. It is easy to take on a camping trip or just right to stay at home. I am talking about books. Even folks who are not readers, but avid campers, will enjoy a book whose subject is camping. Books entertain toddlers and kids of all ages. Wrap up a few to put under your Christmas tree.

I hope you will find items here suitable for your friends and family on your gift list.

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