A Basic Guide to Motorcycle Camping Gear

Motorcycle camping is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. It gives the ultimate feeling of freedom, and it is perfect for the minimalist since it simply isn't possible to bring a whole lot of equipment with you.

When picking out your motorcycle camping gear, take weight into consideration. Opt for gear that is small and lightweight so that it is easy to pack and transport. Many people who go motorcycle camping choose gear that is designed for backpackers, as the equipment and packs are suitable for minimal space. You can carry some of your smaller equipment in saddlebags on your motorcycle. Everything else will go in a camping pack or haversack.

Check with the campground where you plan to stay before you leave. Some campgrounds don't allow motorcycle camping due to the noise or potential damage to the environment. Being aware of motorcycle-friendly campgrounds will make your camping trip much more pleasurable.

As with any type of camping, you'll need a few basic items. These include: cooking tools (a pot, fork, plate, etc.), matches, a flashlight, water, a pocketknife and tent. A pup-tent is best for motorcycle camping because it is small and light. Get one with a waterproof floor to keep you dry. Choose a sleeping bag that can be folded into a small roll but will be able to keep you warm in case the temperatures drop. A plastic sheet can be used to keep your gear from getting wet or can be put down on the bottom of your tent in case a lot of water leaks in. Make sure you have a first-aid kit with you as well.

You'll need to bring food, but there won't be much room to bring a lot of extras, so pack the essentials and plan on buying supplies while camping. You'll probably need to buy perishable food and water daily. Always make sure you have at lease one emergency meal as well as a bottle of water with you.

Motorcycle camping is a lot of fun, with the proper planning. Take time to figure out what you'll need to bring as well as how much room you have. And be prepared for the unexpected!

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