Camping and Volunteer Opportunities

If you love camping and helping others, then why not combine the two? You can! Working together on a project to help an agency or an individual is the most rewarding experience. As a volunteer, you are giving your time and talent, and as an individual, you are receiving so much in return. Let's explore some of the volunteer opportunities in this article.

Get your friends together
Finding manpower is not difficult. You may belong to a Sunday School class or a support group for your kids' music or sport interests or have friends from work or recreation groups like a softball team or bowling league. Talk up a project among the campers and get organized to make up your own volunteer group.

Places where you can help
You need not travel hundreds of miles to work at places that need some help. Look around your area. Are there parks, church camps, Y camps, Boy or Girl Scout camps or nonprofit human services agencies that need some help with opening up their summer programs?

Set up a camp site on the grounds, with their permission, and you are ready to work all weekend. Raking leaves, painting, building and cleaning are all necessary before camp can officially open. Some places offer housing for volunteers, but you can stay comfortably in your camper or tent. The work and fellowship are satisfying and will keep volunteers returning every year for a great work weekend.

Disaster response
Many folks are anxious to rush to areas when tornadoes or hurricanes strike, but it is best to check with an agency in charge of cleanup before leaving. Your good intentions may cause more problems for them due to the lack of services such as water, food and electricity. Call first to find out what they need and when they need volunteers.

RVing with a purpose
There are unlimited possibilities for volunteer work for campers who are willing to commit to an organized group. Please check out the following organizations for more information:

  • Habitat for Humanity Care-a-Vanner If you have an RV and enjoy all aspects of home construction, this is the organization for you. Children under 16 and pets are not allowed at construction sites.
  • Nomads on a Mission Active in Divine Service NOMADS is a mission outreach ministry of the United Methodist Church, but you need not be a United Methodist to join. This program includes individual volunteers, couples and families with RVs who work at United Methodist-related agencies, camps, churches and in disaster response.
  • Roving Volunteers in Christ's Service RVICS needs retired Christian couples who live in their RVs during the work project. They do maintenance and service projects as well as some construction.

These are only a few of the RV volunteer groups available. Many other denominations have work groups as well.

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