Easy Camping Recipes

Easy camping recipes which will not only feed your whole family but will also be tasty can be hard to come by. Food needs to easy to transport, easy to prepare once you're at your outdoor camping site and can't require a whole lot of camping cookware. Here are some easy camping recipes that are sure to please everyone without being a huge hassle.


Skewers are an ideal camping recipe because of their simplicity. You can choose what meat to use (if any). Cutting it up at home will save you time once you're at your campsite. Make sure whenever you're transporting meat that you take care to keep it at an adequate temperature. Pre-cut vegetables as well, such as mushrooms, peppers (all colors) and onions. Once you're at your campsite, just slide your desired combination of meat and veggies onto a stick and cook over the fire until done.


Hot Chicken

Another great camping recipe will require a method of cooking over the fire (not a stick). Cook some chicken breasts with a little hot sauce and seasoning. You can bake potatoes by wrapping them in tinfoil and throwing them right into the fire (near the edge). Make sure to take potatoes out with a stick and be careful opening them, as the tinfoil will be very hot. You can cook corn on the cob this way as well.



Pizza doesn't sound like something that you could make at a campfire, but with a dutch oven, it's a cinch. Place unbaked pizza dough at the bottom of a dutch oven, then put it on the fire (on a grate, not directly on the fire). Load it up with standard pizza ingredients, replace the lid and let it finish cooking.


Banana S'mores

This is a tasty variation on the standard s'more. Slice a banana down the middle, leaving the peel on. Place graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate in the middle. Wrap the entire concoction in tinfoil and place on the coals of the fire for roughly ten minutes. Then take it out and enjoy!

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