How to Build a Fire Pit

When you learn how to build a fire pit, you can build one in your backyard and enjoy the comfort of having a warm fire any time you please. A backyard fire pit is just the thing for entertaining as well.  

The first thing you need to do is determine a location for your fire pit. You should look for an area away from trees or brush as you don't want the fire to spread outside of the pit. You should also look for ground that is as close to level as possible. The flatter the better, but it can have a slight slope as you can adjust for that when building the base.

Once you've find the perfect location you need to decide what you'll use the fire pit for. This will determine the size of the pit. If you're planning on using it for grilling, you'll want it to be a little smaller and not too wide as you'll need to be able to fit a grille across the opening. If you're just looking for warmth and roasting marshmallows, you can make it as wide as you'd like, but don't overdo it.

Before you begin the actual building process, you need to clear the area for the base. To do this, you'll want to remove the topsoil and grass and dig down between one and two feet deep. Make the hole as wide as you'd like your fire pit to be.

Next, you'll lay down a level of gravel. The gravel will work as drainage for the fire pit. Aim to make it about six inches deep. You'll need to lay down a layer of sand about three inches deep on top of that. The sand will keep the fire from spreading to the roots of any root systems that might grow into the pit.

Now you'll start to lay down the brick. A good strategy is to lay them out end to end in a circle. Next, lay down another layer of brick on top of the first layer so they overlap over the space where the bricks on the first layer meet. Continue following this pattern until the pit is to the desired height.

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