How to Make a Boy Scout Campfire

If you're interested in learning how to make a boy scout campfire, you probably want to be able to make a camp fire without using chemicals or be able to have the ability to make a fire if you're stranded in the woods. Boy scout activities teach how to make a boy scout campfire using nothing but what you have around you and some matches. Here's what you need to know to build a fire next time you're sitting around the camp fire pit.

The first thing you should do is find dry wood. You'll want to look for two kinds of wood. Smaller pieces to act as kindling and larger pieces to fuel the fire once you've started it. When looking for the kindling, it's important to follow the rule: the drier, the better. The twigs should snap into two or more pieces, not just fold over and maintain its integrity. If it folds over or just bends, it's not dry enough. The larger pieces should be dry as well. For this reason, it's a good idea to find pieces on the ground. Unless you've already put in a good search and come up with little or no large pieces, you should avoid cutting down trees to use as firewood. Not only are you destroying live trees, but because they're alive they'll be full of sap and won't burn well anyway.

Once you've found your wood you need to create a fire ring or rocks. Find as many medium to large rocks as you can (anything to heavy to lift is not worth the effort). The ring is meant to work as a barrier to keep the fire from spreading throughout the forest. With this in mind, make sure you clear the surrounding area of leaves, dry grass, small twigs and anything else that can easily catch fire. The fire is bound to give off hot ashes and you want to make sure you don't start a forest fire due to carelessness.

Now you're ready to build your fire. There are a few ways to arrange the wood, but the most tried and true method is to create a roughly one or two foot square using four branches. This will act as your base. Next, lay the small twigs and other kindling over the base. Make sure you have a good supply or kindling and small branches near by as you don't want to be scrambling for fuel once you've begun the process of starting the fire. Next, light the match and place it on the kindling. Assuming it's dry enough, it should catch fire fairly quickly. As the first starts to grow add larger and larger pieces until you have a full fire roaring. Continue to feed the fire with your larger pieces as needed.

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