Preparing Types of Berries at Camp

Campers, especially young campers, should be prepared to identify the types of berries that are edible. They should know how prepare edible berries, a skill that might be life-saving.

Berries are usually popular among children due to their sweetness. Unlike junk food, berries are full of natural sugar, which is much better for children than artificial sweeteners. Berries also offer plenty of nutrients and minerals without a lot of calories.

Berries can easily be turned into a variety of foods. Some berries, such as strawberries, can be eaten fresh or dried. Blueberries are a favorite in morning cereal.

Other berries, such as strawberries, blackberries and raspberries, can be made into preserves with a little water and sugar or, depending on the equipment available, made into smoothies or pies. Berries can also be tossed into pancake batter if your child's camp has a kitchen.

Make sure that your child is familiar with berries before she attempts to eat them or prepare them. Many berries are poisonous and some poisonous berries closely resemble edible ones. This makes being able to correctly identify berries a vital skill for your child to have. If your child is allowed to prepare berries at camp, chances are those in charge will take responsibility for making sure the berries your child will eat are safe. Just in case, it may be a good idea to send your child to camp with a field guide, a book which can help her to identify wild berries. You should explain to her that if there is any doubt as to exactly what a berry is, she shouldn't eat it.

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