Essential Hiking Tips

Follow these hiking tips for comfort and safety to make each of your trips as pleasurable as possible. Hiking is a favorite pastime for many people. It combines nature with exercise and provides tranquility and a break from the rigors of everyday life. 

Any time you hike you want to be prepared. This means checking the weather before you go and making sure somebody always know where you're going and when you're coming back.

Never hike alone. Bring all of the equipment you'll need. The hiking gear you'll need will depend on how long you plan on going for, but should always include a map, compass and water.

Dress in layers so that you'll be comfortable no matter the weather or your level of exertion. Make sure you're wearing footwear that is appropriate for hiking. Sneakers may seem a viable option, but they are not ideal for hiking. Although sneakers will be fine for a short hike with mostly flat terrain, a long hike or uneven ground calls for hiking boots, which will provide not only traction but also ankle support. This is one of the most essential hiking tips.

If you bring food with you while you hike, be sure to bring any trash out with you. More importantly, don't feed the wildlife. Animals aren't meant to see humans as providers of food, and you certainly don't want a few of the larger ones to view you as their next meal.

Getting lost is every hiker's worst nightmare. Being in unfamiliar territory with the sun going down and the potential for a very cold night coming in can scare even the most level-headed hiker. If you ever feel lost while hiking, don't panic. Take a break and calmly try to determine where you are. If you can, go back to the last place where you were certain of your location. If that's not possible or if you aren't completely sure of where that was, stay where you are.

It is because of the potential for getting lost in the woods that most expert hikers will advise you to always have a few key pieces of equipment on hand. In the 1930s, a group called the Mountaineers compiled a list of the ten pieces of hiking equipment you should have with you at all times. Besides the aforementioned map, water and compass, their hiking tips list includes these: extra food, clothes and raingear, fire starter and matches, first aid kit, a knife, flashlight and sunglasses. These essentials should help you sustain yourself in just about any situation you should find yourself in.

As you hike more you will become familiar with hiking tips and what you need to bring with you on each trip. Remember to prepare beforehand, respect nature and have fun while hiking.

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