What Do You Need to Go Hiking

Can you answer, what do you need to go hiking? Besides hiking apparel, you'll need a certain amount of hiking equipment for the hike itself in addition to some hiking gear in case of an emergency.

Hiking clothes are one of the most important things you'll need for hiking. Your hiking clothes should be moisture wicking, and you should dress in layers. You need to bring warm clothes even if the weather report says it should be warm. You never know when the temperature is going to suddenly drop. You also want to be prepared in the event that you get lost and have to stay in the woods overnight.


Make sure that you have appropriate hiking boots and socks. Your socks should be thick and not made of cotton. Cotton socks that get wet can take a very long time to dry and can cause blisters.


You'll need sun protection as well. Bring sunscreen and sunglasses. A hat will protect you from the sun as well as bugs. On that note, bug spray is essential. Bug spray will prevent annoying mosquito bites and can also keep you from getting a serious disease such as encephalitis.


Water is one of the most important things you can bring with you hiking. You should have enough water for your anticipated hike as well as enough water in case you get lost and are hiking for an extended period of time. The same rule applies to food. Bring food with you for your hike, and bring a little extra in case you get lost.


A map is vital when you go hiking, even if you know the area. This is another case where being prepared for anything should be your motivation. A map can help you if you accidentally get off trail or if there's been a trail change. Bring a compass and make sure you know how to use it. A cell phone is a good idea. You can use it to call for help and the police may be able to use it to track you. Keep in mind that cell phones don't always get good reception in the woods.


A first-aid kit is good to have on hand in case you have an accident in the woods. Stick matches in your pack in case you need to start a fire for warmth or to cook food. A knife can help you in a variety of situations.

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Follow these hiking tips for comfort and safety to make each of your trips as pleasurable as possible. Hiking is a favorite pastime for many people. It combines nature with exercise and provides tranquility and a break from the rigors of everyday life. 

Day hiking does not require nearly as much equipment as overnight hiking or camping, yet you still need to be prepared. Unexpected situations can arise at any time, so having the necessary equipment for everything from a little rain to getting lost can save you time and trouble. Pack carefully for a day hike but make sure that your pack doesn't get too heavy. You'd hate to get to the top of a mountain only to dread the return journey due to a heavy pack.

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