Duck Hunting Tips and Tricks

Every hunter of waterfowl has a few goose and duck hunting tips that he swears by. While there's no guarantee that a hunter will get a bird every time, it's a good idea to listen to experienced duck hunters for some strategies that will ensure a more successful hunt.

Location Tips

  • Ensure the blind matches the surrounding vegetation because ducks will get suspicious of areas that feature anomalous patterns.
  • Don't stick to the same few spots each season. Mix up your location by scouting out the birds and moving when they do.
  • Keep the blind low and small. While you may be more comfortable in a big tall blind, the higher the profile, the more likely ducks are to pass you by.
  • Never get frustrated when you arrive at your first choice location and someone is already there. Have at least three backup locations in mind.

Decoy Tips

  • Add different species to the duck decoy spread. While you should primarily use the same type of decoys as the birds you are hunting, adding a few less common birds to a mallard grouping can make it more inviting to the ducks.
  • Use a jerk cord to make splashing sounds with the decoys. Ducks make a lot of noise when actively feeding, so to encourage other ducks to land near your blind, activate the splashing.
  • Avoid overcrowding a small space. When the body of water is not very large, too many decoys can cause ducks to pass it by. When ducks are relaxed on the water, they spread out, so placing the decoys too tight will scare off flocks of ducks.

Duck Call Tips

  • Don't use the same call all day long. Ducks tend to call more in the early morning and in the early evening. They more fervent in vocalizing at these times.
  • Keep calls quieter in mist and fog because sounds travel farther but are more muffled.
  • Change the volume of the call by holding the call in a gloved hand, as it will absorb some of the sound. For a louder and less muffled call, use a bare hand. 
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