Facts About Hunting

Getting the facts about hunting depends on whom you ask. Hunting for sport remains a controversial issue in the United States, so naturally a lot of head bumping happens between animal rights advocacy groups and hunters. Let's try to see some of the facts without the camouflage.

Fact About Hunting And Revenue
Pro-hunting groups, such as the National Rifle Association, argue that hunters contribute much-needed tax dollars to the conservation of wildlife through hunting permits, licenses and taxes on gear, such as bullets and hunting clothes. According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, hunters and fishermen contribute $200 million to conservation agencies. Anti-hunting groups claim that this number is deceptive. While hunters do raise the money, they insist that this money is being wasted on the cost of building hunter access roads and paying law enforcement to regulate and educate hunters about the law.

Matters Of Public Safety
Anti-hunting groups claim that hunting is a public safety issue. Hunting accidents do happen. In 1988, 177 people were killed and about 1700 more were injured in the woods by hunters. While these numbers may be accurate, the facts on hunting accidents are that they make up only a small percentage of gun-related deaths in the US. Pro-hunting groups argue that most hunters are responsible and knowledgeable gun owners.

Wildlife Population Control
Hunters argue that, without hunting, natural populations of wildlife would either explode or decline. For example, if populations of deer get too large, it puts a strain on the food supply not only for themselves, but also for other species that share the same habitat. So hunting deer effectively keeps the wildlife population in check. Anti-hunting groups argue that in this case hunting only does should be permitted to keep populations in check where the gender ratio is askew. Hunters refuse to opt for this, as does don't make for good trophies whereas big, strong bucks do. Anti-hunting groups argue that taking strong bucks only further hurts the deer population by weakening the gene pool.

While both groups can use the statistics and facts on hunting to their advantage, it's up to you to decide where the truth lies.

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