Kill the Animal, Not Yourself: The Dangers of Hunting

Any sport that involves a gun is going to be dangerous. Whether or not you go hunting with, say, a certain former Vice President, you run the risk of getting shot in the face, or worse. That's why you need to take precautions. Luckily for you, firearm hunting has a long history, and millions of people have learned to kill without dying in the bush. Here's how.

Don't drink and shoot. An overwhelming number of hunting injuries occur when the hunter has had a few. Using a firearm is a serious responsibility, and you should never try it if your senses are impaired.

Wear the orange hunting jacket. A no-brainer, but too many hunters try to take down their prey in camo and pay the ultimate price.

Never stand in your partner's line of fire. If a gun is about to go off, you don't want to be in front of its barrel.

Never fire your weapon if your partner is in your line of fire. It's the flipside of the previous bit of advice. There's nothing like an involuntary manslaughter conviction to force you to learn patience. Wait until you have a clear shot.

Don't act like an animal. If you are sitting in a blind, blowing a bird call over and over again, some other hunter is going to think you are a bird and shoot at you. Likewise, if you are stalking around the brush like a deer, you might get a bellyful of lead. Acting like an animal might put your prey off guard, but it might also put you on your back. Keep the bird calls to a minimum, and don't stalk for too long.

Killing animals is fun. Killing other people is not. Take care during your next hunting trip so that you don't end up a statistic.

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