Morel Mushroom Hunting Tips

Morel mushroom hunting tips are vital to a beginner morel mushroom hunter. Morel mushroom hunting is an activity which benefits from the advice of more experienced more mushroom hunters. Those who have been hunting mushrooms for years can share tips such as the right hunting clothes to wear or which hunting ranches are the best in your area. Here are some morel mushroom hunting tips to make getting acclimated to the activity easier.

Make sure that you wear hiking boots with adequate ankle support. Try to avoid wearing cotton clothing, especially if there's a chance you'll be stuck in the rain (cotton doesn't dry well). It is a good idea to set out on your first morel mushroom hunting trip with an experienced morel mushroom hunter. If you absolutely cannot find an experienced mushroom hunter, make sure that you at least bring along a mushroom field guide. You'll need to be able to identify what types of mushrooms you find, as well as whether they are poisonous. If there is any doubt as to whether a mushroom is poisonous, do not eat it. You should get it checked out by an experienced mushroom hunter or avoid it altogether.

The best time to look for mushrooms is the day after it rains, when the temperature is fairly warm. Spring offers optimal mushroom hunting opportunities. Bring a mesh bag with you to collect the mushrooms in so that any spores that fall can produce more mushrooms. You'll be most likely to find morel mushrooms in dark, moist places. Trees are a great place to find morel mushrooms. When you find them, shake them to spread the spores, then put them in your mesh bag to ensure the continuation of the spore spreading.

Once you've collected your mushrooms, you can do what you like with them. If you choose to cook and eat the mushrooms, be absolutely positive that they are not poisonous before doing so. There are a few types of mushrooms which can be deadly if you eat them.

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