Pheasant Hunting Tips

These pheasant hunting tips will help you have a successful hunt. The common pheasant is one of the most hunted birds in the world and is a well-known game bird. Pheasants were introduced to many parts of the world specifically for hunting and the birds took to these areas readily; today, most pheasants hunted are born in the wild and offer a challenge to beginner and advanced hunters alike.

The pheasant is a bird that follows habitual routines, therefore making it easy for the hunter to predict the best time and place to take one down. Early in the morning, just after sunrise, pheasants head out for morning feed. This is repeated just before sunset. In the winter, the feeding patterns are less widespread, meaning the birds will not venture as far out into their territory.

Pheasants can be found in a variety of areas. Marshes, wetlands and anywhere with a grassy fringe can be home to pheasants. A pheasant needs to stay near a source of water and feeds on grasses and insects. When scouting out the best areas for pheasant, look for places where there may be fence rows, brushy creek banks and country roads.

Hunting Attire
Wild pheasant hunting season is during the fall, so purchase hunting gear that will stand up to versatile weather. Brush pants, hunting jacket, stocking cap, sturdy ankle-high boots and a game pouch are mandatory for comfort and safety.

Pheasant Hunting Tips

  • As hunting season progresses, pheasants retreat into deeper and deeper shelter. Therefore, go at the beginning of the season or plan on deep hikes later in the season to get a bird.
  • Look in fields that are harvested already or lying dormant. Pheasants like to inhabit big crop fields and living on the outskirts to get the best of both.
  • Always wear an orange hat when pheasant hunting so other hunters can identify you and won't mistake you for another creature.
  • Tall dense fields are more likely to house pheasants than patchy short fields.
  • If the pheasant hunt is taking place in the snow, remember to frequent their food source as they will still visit there daily. Birds will be more skittish in snow.
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