Guide to Rabbit Hunting

Rabbit hunting is an exciting challenge for those seeking a beginning hunting experience or for those experienced hunters eager to hone their skills on an animal that isn't too complicated but promises a unique hunting experience every time. Because rabbits live in many different types of habitat, a variety of techniques can be used to get one or several at a time.

Rabbit Hunting Attire
Wear the right rabbit hunting clothes. Because the terrain will most likely be full of underbrush, thorn-resistant pants are a must for the rabbit hunter. Long sleeves and thick boots also make the hunter more comfortable. Hunting gloves and a hat with ear flaps will ward off the morning chill, as will a down vest or coat.

Find Rabbits
Finding rabbits begins by identifying their preferred habitat. Rabbits need ground cover, so creek beds, brush piles and even overgrown wooded clearings are likely to house them. Dusk and dawn are the best times to spot rabbits, as they are out feeding. Check berry tangles, honeysuckle and overgrown riverbanks especially for rabbits.

Flushing Out Rabbits
Rabbits instinctively freeze when they feel they are in danger. When the hunter approaches, the rabbit will crouch in the underbrush. The hunter can use a time-honored trick of "walking up" the rabbit. This happens when the hunter walks a few feet, then freezes for about 45 seconds. Rabbits get nervous when the "predator" pauses and will take the opportunity to make a break for new cover. That's when the hunter can get the rabbit in his sights and line up the shot.

Shoot Rabbits
When a rabbit feels as if its been spotted, it will make a wild dash for different cover. Using incredibly powerful legs, a rabbit will bolt across open ground, that's when the hunter must take the shot. To be successful, the hunter must shoulder the gun and shoot swiftly, otherwise the rabbit will have disappeared into the brush. When shooting a rabbit passing in front of you, aim for the area just ahead of the rabbit. That way, the shot will go through the head and keep the meat unspoiled. If the rabbit is running away from you, aim for the head as well. 

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