Where to go Wild Hog Hunting

Hunting enthusiasts may overlook wild hog hunting because they believe that wild hogs are not enough of a challenge. However, wild hogs are some of the most intelligent animals to hunt and they are swift and fairly fearless as well. Wild hogs can also be hunted year round in most states, as they are considered a nuisance and keeping their numbers down is highly desirable as they are destructive to farmlands and will easily overrun an area.

California, Florida and Texas boast some of the highest hog populations in the country, although there are many states, particularly in the South, that feature wild hog hunting as well. Most of the outfitters have access to private lands where the pigs live, although there are plenty of public lands that support hunting hogs as well.

Year round wild hog hunting in California takes place in the hot spots of the Sierra foothills near the San Joaquin Valley and the coastal areas north of Santa Barbara. California has no bag limit on wild hogs and both males and females are legal to take. Pigs in California are not as large as wild hogs found in the South, but still worth the time as young boars and sows provide tender meat that a hunter can use.

Every county in Florida reports wild hog populations, but the highest density is around Lake Okeechobee, near Palm Beach. The marshes and ponds in the area make the perfect habitat for wild hogs. In Florida, the hog hunting season is from November through January, and both males and females are legal to take. Hunters are limited to one hog per day with no limits on the season.

Thought to contain the greatest population of wild hogs in the country, Texas has few limits on hunting them. The wild hog season is year round in Texas and while pig populations are spread throughout the state, there is a higher concentration in the southern and eastern parts of the state. Texas also allows any type of hunting for wild hogs, from stalking and stands to dogs. Hunters can even choose the style of wild hog hunting, such as with a bow, rifle or muzzle loader. 

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