Etiquette for Geocoins

Geocoins are coins that are used in the activity of geocaching. Geocaching coins involves using a GPS (global positioning satellite) device to locate hidden treasures. Geocoins may be metal coins encased in plastic or homemade wooden coins; both are generally marked with a serial number that is usually distributed by, the most popular and widely used website devoted to geocaching. Geocoins can often be tracked on the internet via their serial number. You should be able to find the geocoin's information (such as place of origin and travel information) on

Geocoins may be personal, having a geocacher's geocaching name and serial number on it. They may also be linked to geocaching groups, who sometimes mint them to be used at charity events. Geocoins are often left in caches to be traded or sold.

When you find a geocoin in a cache, you can do several things with it. You may want to take it with you and place it in another cache. Make sure you write down the geocoin's serial number so that you can track it. Many times geocoins travel a considerable distance as people travel with them. You may also want to leave the geocoin where it is, especially if you won't be going to another cache soon. Again, track the geocoin.

Sometimes a geocoin has a destination it is trying to reach. If you are able to help the geocoin reach its destination (even if you can't bring it directly to its endpoint), you should take it. If not, you should leave it.

Remember that geocoins are not trade items, meaning if you take one, you are not required to put anything in its place. Rather, your only duty is to transport it to another cache. Don't keep a geocoin out of a cache from an unreasonable amount of time. 

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