How to Build a Camper

Do you want to learn how to build a camper? Having your own camper can make park camping much more comfortable and easy than trying to set up a tent and then keep all of your belongings in that tent. A camper is sturdier, houses your camping gear more efficiently and will last a long time. Building your own camper will not only save you money, it will also give you the opportunity to customize your camper to suit your needs and wants.

The easiest way to build a camper is to convert an old van or pickup truck. To build your camper with a van, you'll either need to buy a van or transform an old one that you already own. If you have to buy a van you'll probably want to look for an older van, something that will last long enough band be durable enough for your future camping trips.


If you choose to make your camper out of a truck, you will have to construct the camper shell. You can use wood for this. Its measurements will depend on the size of your truck as well as the size that you want your camper to be.


You'll want to prepare the vehicle for its renovation. To do this to a van you'll need to clear out all but the front two seats. Your next step will be to determine what exactly you want to have in your camper. Will you need a bed? How many people do you want your camper to sleep? How do you want your table to function?


To build a bed, you'll want to get some sturdy wood and a mattress. Construct the base of your bed, making sure that you screw it to the vehicle. Place the mattress on top of your base and make sure that it is securely attached. If this is a mattress you will be bringing inside with you when it's not in use, don't make it a permanent attachment.


Next you'll want to build a table. You can build a table which will be a permanent fixture in your camper, or you may choose to build one which hinges and can drop up and down. Consider where you'll sit when the table is in use. On the bed? Do you need to build a bench seat for the table?


You'll also need to build an exhaust fan to circulate air out of the van or truck.


After that, additional features are really up to you. You may wish to build a toilet and/or a sink. Perhaps you'll need a heater. Do you want a refrigerator? A generator? When you know exactly what you want to include in your camper, draw a design taking into account all of these features. Make sure that everything is secure and won't move around while you're driving.

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