RV Accessories for Your Trip

Bring these RV accessories on your next cross country road trip. In addition to being a vehicle, your RV is also your road trip home. Just like you wouldn't buy a house and let it sit unfurnished, the same goes for your RV. To take full advantage of the vehicle, you'll have to make a few additional purchases.

If you're going to be braving it in particularly harsh weather, it would behoove you to bring along a cover to spare your RV from the elements-especially if you're going to be abandoning it in a driveway while you stay inside with relatives, a la Clark Griswold's Cousin Eddie. Similarly, a cover is a good idea if the camper is going to be parked in hot sun for an extended period of time, so that it does not become overheated.

Private Matters
Contrary to popular belief, RVs do not always come with drapes. Since you're probably going to be sleeping and changing inside, you don't want to forget these important RV accessories. Make sure you purchase the proper window wear and maintain some common decency. This includes buying windshield drapes that properly fit your vehicle.

Micro Management
You can't set up a propane stove inside your RV. It's unsafe, it won't work and you'll wind up with a thick cloud of smoke. Instead, pick up a microwave so that you can heat up some snacks to eat along your journey.

Fridge and Freezer
Just where are you going to keep frozen microwavable food? Pick up a mini-fridge/freezer. If your RV doesn't come with one, it's a solid investment as it is compact and can be stored snugly, and beats the heck out of keeping your food in a tired old cooler. These may just be the most important RV Accessories you need.

Climb the Ladder
RVs generally come equipped with bunks found over the two front seats. However, seldom do they come with an elevator. Therein lies the importance of a good bunk ladder, which can be used to climb up into the bunk, and be easily stored when not in use. And, it wouldn't hurt to bring along some blankets and pillows to make the bunk more enjoyable.

G to the P to the S
In the 21st Century, a GPS is good to have on hand in your everyday car, never mind on an RV trip. In addition to any maps or directional printouts you have to navigate this great land of ours, carry a working navigational device, as it can also direct you to nearby hospitals, gas stations and restaurants.

Mounts & Ties
Plan on canoeing or biking? Sadly, these objects may not fit inside your RV. Use mounts-fittingly, mounted-on the outside of the RV, to store your recreational equipment.  Also purchase bungee cords or ties to strap down your bikes and canoes and avoid any highway mayhem.

No, really! Special combo devices are manufactured for RV trips, are easy to set up and store, and spare you the trip to an off-the-beaten-path Laundromat. Again, your Recreational Vehicle serves as a home, but not without the proper RV accessories.

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