Trap Shooting Tips

Learn trap shooting tips to master this highly specialized type of target shooting that uses clay disks called pigeons. Trap shooting is often mistaken for regular skeet or clay pigeon shooting. Though it does involve shooting clay disks with a gun, the sport has its own special rules and techniques.

What is Trap Shooting?
The basic premise behind trap shooting is to shoot and break a moving target before it hits the ground. This type of shooting once used live pigeons for the target. However, a pigeon shortage and enhanced animal rights soon replaced the live bird with the now common clay disk, also known as a clay pigeon.

Trap Shooting Tips
Trap shooting is usually performed in a team with five people. However, some countries and Olympic events increase the number to six people per team. The area is shaped like an arch and contains five stations, one for each member of the squad.

Each member of a shooting team stands at one of the five stations, and they rotate after each shot. This way each person takes a shot at each of the five stations. There are a total of 25 clay pigeons for each five station round, or one per person, per station.

The clay disks are automatically flung into the air at different angles for each shot. There is a machine with either a button, or a voice-triggered program, that triggers the disk to fly. The disks come from the area known as the trap house. Each of the five members of the team takes his turn shooting. When everyone has shot, the team rotates to the next station. Learning these trap shooting basics will help you improve your shot.

Trap Shooting Etiquette
There isn't much hollering or screaming. It's a quiet sport that depends on concentration. Teammates keep their voices at a normal level out of respect for those shooting; only the team captain yells out commands. A good trap shooting team should work like a well-oiled machine, each paying attention to the task on hand and rotating the stations in unison. 

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