How to Set Up Dome Tents

Dome tents are rounded tents that are usually easier to put and take down than other tents. The tents tend to be smaller and made with lightweight materials, usually nylon, but can in some instances be quite heavy and large. The shelter is supported by at least two poles that cross at the top center of the tent.

The curved dome shape of dome camping tents allows you the freedom of just sliding your poles into place and pitching your tent. There are no burdensome stakes to drive into the ground and no confusing parts to assemble. This makes dome tent perfect for carrying on your person or for trips with little storage space.

How to Set Up a Dome Tent

  1. Roll out the tent. The first thing you must do to set up a dome tent is to unroll the actual tent. You want to find a dry, flat piece of land without rocks or other annoying lumps. Unroll the tent carefully, making sure the bottom part is on the ground and the top of the tent is facing up. Make sure to pull the tent flat, so that corners aren't folded or bunched up. Check that the door and any windows are facing the directions you want.
  2. Set up the poles. Next you must unfold or straighten out your poles. Most dome tents come with folding poles that can snap straight and bend when put into the tent. Always count the poles to make sure you have the amount required. You don't want to get halfway through setting up your tent, only to find one of the poles missing.
  3. Place poles.  Dome tents have seams, straps or holes that you are supposed to guide the poles through. Find one of these areas and slide the pole in, starting at the bottom, or floor, of the tent. Make sure to guide the pole through the proper area and to the other side of the tent. Repeat the process with the remaining poles.
  4. Enjoy your tent. Once you slip in the poles, your dome tent should be set up and ready to go. Now you just need to unpack everything you'll need inside the tent. Once you've finished unpacking, you're ready to start camping. 
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