How to Find a Good Spot for Your Tent at Campsites

There are many elements to consider in terms of being safe while camping. Number one on the list, however, is where you decide to do it. Learn how to find a good campsites for your tent.

Dry and Level
Find a site that's entirely on level terrain with dry ground. The dryness of the ground comes into play not just from a comfort standpoint, but from a health standpoint. If you find yourself resting in an area that is wet, your body becomes more susceptible to illness and fatigue. And, if you're not on level terrain, your entire site grows susceptible to tumbling down the mountain.

Survey the Scene
Sweep the ground for rocks or sticks that could damage the tent. Perhaps most importantly, make sure the tent is not be placed on or near an ant hill. Also, make sure you are not close enough to a river or stream so that flash flooding could do major damage.

So Soft, Yet So Hard
The ground should be pliable enough for you to pound the tent stakes into the ground.  However, once they're there, you want them to stay. Make sure it is also firm enough to keep the stakes in place during your entire stay.

Close Enough to Go
Obviously, if you can find a site that is close to sanitary facilities, so be it. However, this isn't always possible if you are really roughing it. At least make sure the site is near an area that can be converted into and used as a latrine.

Bear Bag Accessible
A "bear bag" refers to the hanging of your food and other edible items high on a tree and out of reach from a bear. More importantly, this will place you out of a bear's reach, as well. Find an area with trees that are nearby, but not too nearby, so as to protect your food supply. But perhaps most importantly, make sure your actual tent isn't located too close to somebody else's bear bag.

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