How to Set Up a Pop-Up Tent

Setting up a pop-up tent isn't as easy as you may expect. Pop tents are about as easy to erect as any tent out there. But, you've still got to follow the directions.

Take Stock of Your Pieces
Before camping, it's important to make sure you've got all the pieces. If you're missing anything essential, head back to the point of purchase and ask for a reund.

Find a Good Spot
The two qualities to look for in a tent site are flatness and clarity-meaning there are no rocks, stones, tree roots or clutter. And, if you set up a fire pit, do so away from the tent.

It's All About the Corners
Lay the tent's main body out, locating the entrance first. Stretch out the tent's corners so that it's body is as flat as possible. Next, find the loops at each corner, thread a stake through and hammer the stakes into the ground at each tent corner-pulling the tent tightly together. With the main body lying flat on the ground, take out the collapsible poles and start assembling them by straightening the joints and allowing it to collapse in on itself. Your tent should have two long poles that intersect in the middle of the tent and attach to pins located on the corners.

After your poles are assembled, find the crossed sleeve or tie in the middle of the tent roof. If the tent comes with a tie, cross the two poles until they're also lying flat on the ground and pointing to the tent's corners. Next, join them using the tie. If the tent has a sleeve, thread each of the poles through and then place them flat on the ground.

Finish the Job

Attach one pole end to one of the metal pins at the corners of the tent. At the opposite corner, bend the pole into an arc so and insert the pin into the other end of the pole. Repeat with the second or third pole. Check the corners of the tent body for clips that attach to the poles, then pull the tent out to its final position. Voila-we have tentage.

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Keep your canvas tent dry above all else. The rest is easy.

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