How to Build a Bike Rack

Knowing how to build a bike rack can help you keep your bicycle (or bicycles) organized and prevent them from tipping over and either damaging themselves or their surroundings. Building your own bike rack can save you money and, if constructed with this purpose in mind, can be thrown in the back of a truck or van (which can save you money over commercial bike racks). Commercial bike racks are generally not cheap, but constructing your own bike rack isn't too difficult, especially as long as you're somewhat handy.

Wood is an easy material to work with and can be forgiving. Even if you make a mistake with a measurement, it's easy to cut another piece of wood for your bike rack. Determine the size that you want your bike rack to be (check out other bike racks to determine the size you'd like) and cut your bars accordingly. If you're unsure, roughly 28 to 30 inches is a good length. Use screws to attach the pieces together; you'll need to screw together the base as well as bars for the bike holder.

After you've connected all of the pieces of the bike rack with screws (and checked to make sure it's sturdy), apply a finish. This should increase the life of your bike rack. If you wish to paint it, do so now, before you waterproof it. Waterproofing should be your final step. Make sure you allow plenty of time for the sealant to dry before you attempt to use it (or leave it out in the rain!)

There you have it. You know how to build a bike rack and it's good to go. Start using it and keep those bikes off your lawn!

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