Make Family Bike Rides Part of Your Fitness Plan

With the emphasis of health and fitness, many families are looking for ways to spend time exercising together. Family bike rides are a great way to teach children the value of exercise in the pursuit of fitness.

Get Out and Get Away
As the family prepares bikes and gears for a bike ride there is time for conversation and interaction. Putting the bicycles in good condition for a ride is in itself a good family activity. Discuss things you will need, including a basket, a carrier seat for a toddler, water containers, a safe route for riding are all points of interest in preparation for the riding.

When the family heads for a park or down an empty street, it is heading away from sedentary time spent in front of a television set or a computer into the great outdoors.

Safety Issues
Riding is a family friendly sport that can include even the little ones strapped into toddler seats behind a parent. Baby carriers of the front sling or backpack types are not recommended for use while bike riding, as the child is unsupported should the parent fall. Get a carrier that is especially designed for sport use.

Encourage the use of helmets to help protect the children in case of spills.

Choose a safe riding arena when riding in a group with children. Parks and riding trails are usually the safest places to ride. A neighborhood route that goes through streets without traffic may work for older children.

Safety reflectors, spoke reflector, and flags on tall wires give a child on a bike visibility that may further protect him from drivers. Go over safety precautions with children to make certain they know how to cross streets and ride safely.

Riding bikes together as part of a family fitness plan, can make exercise fun and entertaining rather than a drudgery.

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