When Should a Child Learn How to Ride a Bike

As a general rule of thumb, children can learn how to ride a bike alone by the age of five years. Five is the age at which most children have developed enough coordination and balance to ride unaided by training wheels. Of course, as children all develop at differing rates, some may be able to ride earlier. Many may not be able to learn to ride until they are older.

Gross Motor Skills
The development of gross motor skills is fundamental to the child's ability to learn to balance, steer and pedal all at once. Can the child walk on his tip toes? Can he hop on one foot across the room? The other foot? Can he run without loss of balance? Can he climb? Ride a tricycle, pump a swing, turn somersaults? These skills and many others show an ability to balance and to coordinate several skills at once, which is essential for the learner.

Elementary school teachers say a child is ready to begin learning to read if his gross motor skills are well developed. If he can ride a bike he can learn to read. Such ideas are helpful for teachers to determine reading readiness and also help a parent determine riding readiness. Yet, they are not rules that can't be proven wrong. Children are all different.

Your child may need to use training wheels to keep him feeling safe well past the age of five. He may have been able to ride on his own since four years of age.

Riding Readiness
Riding is good for the health and the mind. It helps to relieve stress and build muscle power. Get your child started toward learning and it won't be long before he is riding free.

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