An Insider Look at BMX Dirt Jumping

BMX dirt jumping will provide you with an adrenaline rush you can't get from anything else. It's an unrivaled feeling to fly through the air after taking off of a ramp. BMX dirt jumping will make you feel free and alive (provided you're wearing a helmet!).

There are two types of dirt jumping; dirt jumping itself and trail riding, which is a series of dirt jumps. Dirt jumping involves BMX riders doing tricks as they go over man-made dirt jumps. Trail riding is usually practiced in the woods, while dirt jumping may be in the woods but is also the type of BMX riding you generally see at venues such as the X-Games.

It's easy to describe what traditional dirt jumping feels like, but fully experiencing it requires actually doing it. To try dirt jumping, find a man-made dirt jump and approach it standing up. Maintain your speed, making sure it's fast enough to give you enough room to clear the jump. You may feel nervous as you get closer to taking off. Understand that this is perfectly normal but don't use it as an excuse to slow down. Slowing down can mess up your flow and cause you to tip over or not clear the jump. Use your legs to hold the bike; otherwise you could go forward off the bike.

As you go off the jump, keep your front tire higher than your rear tire. This is the most exhilarating portion of dirt jumping. You'll be flying through the air, feeling free while at the same time recognizing the potential danger that lies below you. You'll want to land in this position; rear wheel first. The impact will be hard, but if you're prepared for it, it isn't too bad.

Unlike BMX racing bikes, BMX extreme dirt jumping bikes are heavy so that they can withstand the impact of landing. They have no pegs and generally no gyro. Their tubes are long to keep them stable. 

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