BMX Tips for Riding the Trails

Since the early 1970s, when kids in Southern California were riding their bicycles on dirt trails, BMX trail riding has been popular in the US. It takes a lot of courage (and skill) to be able to do. Trail riding involves manmade jumps made of dirt and mud that have a take off and a landing. Usually, there's a space between the takeoff and landing BMX ramps, which can determine how difficult the jump is.

Trail riding is similar to dirt jumping (and is even sometimes referred to as dirt jumping), but there are some differences. Trail riders tend to enjoy biking smoothly from jump to jump, while dirt jumpers focus on each individual jump, determined to do the biggest trick they think they can land.

If you're interested in trying trail riding, there are a few things to remember. You don't need to pedal very much between jumps. Instead, you'll pump, which means that upon landing from one jump you'll crouch down and extend your legs while taking off the next jump.

Your bike will be a little different than other types of bikes. For one thing, you only need a rear break. You also don't need a gyro (which makes barspins easier). Your bike will also be much heavier than other types of BMX bikes, especially racing bikes. It needs to be, to withstand everything you're going to do to it. It will also be a bit longer, for stability.

When you're first learning how to ride trails, it's easy to get nervous as you approach jumps and be tempted to slow down. This will only mess up your flow and make it more likely-not less-that you'll fall. Try to keep a steady pace as you approach jumps and land and make sure you enjoy your time in the air!

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