Long Distance Bicycle Touring Tips

Long distance bicycle touring is a great way to see the country or other countries while also getting a lot of exercise. When you are willing to travel a long distance on a bicycle, you are opening yourself up to unlimited opportunities and can potentially save yourself a lot of money on travel.

Before you embark on a long distance bicycle tour, you need to make sure that you are prepared. Long trips on a bicycle can be difficult on the bike, particularly the bike tires. Make sure that your bike is equipped with good road bike tires and that you know how to repair a flat. In addition to that, here are some other tips regarding long distance bicycle touring.

The first thing you should decide when planning a long distance bicycle tour is your destination. Take into consideration the length of time that you want to be away and the amount of miles that you feel comfortable pedaling each day. You may wish to stay on the conservative side, especially if this is your first long distance bicycle tour.

You will need to determine whether you want to stay in hotels or if you want to camp out when planning your trip. The answers to these questions will depend on how strictly you want to adhere to a schedule as well as how heavy of a load you are willing to carry. Keep in mind your camping experience before you decide to camp every night for a month.

Next look at your route. What kind of terrain will you be exposed to? Will you need to bring along special tires to switch out?

Pack according to the trip that you plan. The amount of gear that you bring will be based on where you will be staying, where you will be traveling, and how long you plan on going for.

Even if you plan on visiting grocery stores and restaurants often for food, always make sure that you have at least a minimum food supply. This will prevent you from being too hungry miles from your next stop and can also be important in the event you run into trouble in the woods.

Make sure you bring along a certain amount of survival supplies. You'll need maps of where you're going, a cell phone to call for help and a compass. Make sure you have sunscreen and sunglasses. The key is to think about the various situations that you may encounter and prepare accordingly.

Keep in mind that even with all the preparation in the world, the unexpected will still probably happen. Be flexible and try to go with the flow whenever possible.

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