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Have you ever wondered, what is cycling? Road cycling is the most popular form of all the types of cycling. It involves bicycling on paved roads and is a professional sport as well as a mode of transportation and a recreational activity. Road bikes are more lightweight than other types of bicycles, such as mountain bikes. They may be made of steel, titanium, aluminum, carbon fiber, or a composite, which is a combination of materials. Road bicycles can be quite expensive, depending on the technology you choose and the accessories you select for yours.

Cycling road races are a popular sport throughout the world, particularly in Europe. There are a couple of different ways to organize a road race. Traditional road races involve cyclists starting a course at the same time, with the first one across the finish line being deemed the winner. Time trials are when cyclists start at varying intervals, each individually or with a team racing the clock. The cyclist or cycling team with the fastest time is declared the road cycling winner.

Cyclists use different methods to increase their chances of winning including drafting, attacking, breaking away and sprinting. Although the purpose of road races is for one winner to cross the finish line, team tactics are often employed. Corporate sponsors put together teams of cyclists who aide each other in reaching the finish line first. The cyclists determine who they believe has the best shot at winning each individual race. They then work together to push their chosen winner ahead.

Perhaps the most famous cyclist is Lance Armstrong, winner of seven Tours de France, which is the world's most famous road cycling race. The Tour de France takes place over three weeks, in different stages.

Adventure cycling is another form of road cycling, and is gaining in popularity as the world works to become more green. Adventure cycling involves traveling by bicycle for days or weeks at a time (or even longer), enjoying the freedom of self-reliance. Some adventure cyclists camp out during these trips, while others choose to stay in hotels in between days of cycling.

Road cycling is also one of the top activities for Americans, with many choosing to ride a bicycle both leisurely and in local races. Cycling provides great cardiovascular exercise plus a way to be outside and see the world.

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