How to Throw a Shot Put

Learning how to throw a shot put is no easy feat. It takes a certain amount of knowledge about the sport, the proper shot put throwing technique and a lot of practice. Here are some tips to help you learn how to throw a shot put.

Of course you'll need to have a shot to throw. You'll want something light enough that you'll be able to throw easily but will be heavy enough to travel a reasonable distance.

Next you'll need to learn how to hold the shot. To hold the shot properly, hold it on the palm of your hand near where your knuckles would be. Use your fingers and thumb to support it but not to grip it. Your fingers are balancing it and will give the shot a little oomph once it's released.

Now you'll hold the shot against your neck. It should be near your chin and to the side of your collarbone. Keep your arm close to your body.

Next you'll have to practice your footwork. To get the footwork right, put the foot opposite of your primary hand against the front of the shot put ring. Keep it perpendicular to the field with your other foot near the center of the ring. Your weight should be on your back foot.

Twist your body back, toward your rear foot. Then turn your back leg toward the field and your upper body back toward the field. At the same time use your front arm for momentum. Swing it forward in front of your body and then back into your chest. Push the shot put out with your back hand, toward the field. You should be getting your energy from your entire body; the power in your legs, the swing of your hips and the swing of your arms. Your body will essentially jump forward.

See how far the shot put has traveled! You can record the various distances that you throw the shot put so that you can keep track of your progress. Try to have somebody who's experienced watch you so that they can point out any areas you need to work on.

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