Basic Hula Instructions

With some basic hula dance instructions, you can get up there with those hula dancers and swing your hips.

Hula Dance Instructions: Basic Steps

You may see "vamp" and "kalaho" used interchangeably. This is a very basic step. The kahalo consists of stepping to the right, placing your left foot next to your right and then repeating the steps again. Then, you reverse to the left. Bend your knees and move your hips in the direction that you are moving, back and forth.

The ami makes it look like you are swinging your hips. However, it is actually your knees that are moving. Bend your knees together and rotate them in a circle.

In the lele uwehi step, with both knees bent slightly, lift your right leg knee up and then put it back down. Then, with the knees still bent, push both knees outward and then back inward. Your heels will be slightly off of the ground when your knees are going back and forth. Repeat n the other foot.

Hula Dance Instructions: Pearly Shells

It is the arms and hands that express the story behind the dance. When you move your arms and hands, smile and look in the direction that your hands are moving.

You can perform this dance on your knees or using the kalaho step. To start, hold your arms to your elbows loosely close to your body. The rest of your arms and hands should be extended straight out in front of you.

Pearly Shells

  • Pretend to pick up a shell and then turn it over, one in each hand.

From the ocean

  • Wave your arms and hands up and down opposite of each other in front of you to "make waves."

Shining in the sun

  • Bring your arms swinging up over your head in a circle.

Covering the shore

  • Sweep your arms and hands down from right to left in front of you.

When I see

  • Put your right hand next to your right eye while you extend your other arm out at shoulder height, turning slightly to the left.

My heart tells me that I love you

  • Bring your hands into your chest and then cross your arms over your chest as if you are going to hug yourself.

More than all the pearly shells

  • Open up your arms as if you were going to embrace someone and then make the same "shell" movements again.

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