Dance Is a Sport Too

Dancing isn't just for fun, dance is a sport. From cheerleading competitions to competitive ballroom dancing to ice dancing, which is part of the Olympics, there are a lot of sports dancing opportunities for athletes with the right mix of stamina and style.

Cheerleading Competitions
Many people do not realize dance is a sport but one of the most popular dance sports for young people is competitive cheerleading. There are cheerleading competitions for all ages and for both males and females, though a team usually consists of both. The males usually do some floor moves and lifting. Cheerleaders may participate in national competitions, or they may work for a sports team. It takes some acrobatic skill and excellent conditioning to perform the rigorous routines seen in competition and on the sidelines.

Ice Dancing
Ice dancing is a form of figure skating with some very different rules. Instead of throws and jumps, pairs ice dancers are measured on their footwork, coordination, synchronization and ability to stay close to each other. Ice dancing combines the fluid grace of figure skating with the demanding moves of ballroom dancing.

Competitive Ballroom
Like ice dancing, competitive ballroom dance is a sport that is performed in pairs, but on a more traditional dance floor. Along with turns and lifts, dancers need to master the proper form of several styles of dance, including the Tango, Cha-Cha, Rhumba and East Coast Swing.

Grace in Motion
Whether ballroom dancing or cheerleading, dance is a sport that provides an athletic exercise. It requires a lot of physical skill to perform with grace and ease. It also requires eye-hand coordination set to the rhythm of music.

Some people see how dance is a sport and an art form because it is physically demanding and it takes artistic talent to create routines. Ballroom dancing involves more steps and turns, while cheerleading and ice dancing involve not only steps that can be complicated, but lifts and jumps that give this artistic exercise a sporty look and feel.

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