Beginner Hip Hop Dance Tips

Looking for hip hop dance tips? Are you new to the hip hop scene and worry that you don't know what to do or what to wear? The following are suggestions for entering the hip hop scene:

Remember: Hip Hop Is An Attitude
If you're going to break into some popping or locking, you have to don the right attitude. Be confident, and call attention to your moves as you do the running man or moonwalk. Not sure if you're any good? Act like you are good anyway.

Practice At Home
You'll want to practice those new moves in front of a mirror before you take them out in public. Hip hop is all about pride, so get those moves down, and then take them out to be seen.

Tone Up
Hip hop moves are aerobically and acrobatically demanding. You'll want to watch your diet and exercise so you have the strength to do these moves. Ever tried to do an airchair or pike? Those moves are only possible for strong people with great balance. Work on your strength and balance as you get into hip hop; you'll be grateful for it. This is one of the most importnat hip hop dance tips. 

Start With The Easy Moves
Before you take on something crazy like a suicide ending or a hollowback, practice with the simple moves. Master the boogaloo and crazy legs; work on basic stabs and platforms so you'll eventually be able to take on some serious breakdancing.

Watch For New Moves
You can get ideas and hip hop dance tips from a variety of sources: television, online, movies and in the bars.

Take Lessons
If you're not picking up on hip hop dance tips on your own, you can always take classes at a dance studio or even at the fitness club.

Invest In Appropriate Hip Hop Wear
You'll definitely want to wear the right duds, including baggy pants or shorts, a baseball cap, lots of bling, diamond earring/s and cool hip hop dance shoes.

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Beginner hip hop dance moves are not hard to master. These moves are the foundation for other, more complicated dance moves that you might want to learn later.

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