Dance The Irish Jig

Want to know how to do the Irish Jig? You could be planning a trip to Ireland, you could be a dance enthusiast, or you may just want to know if Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon is actually doing it right. Like most things in life, the Irish jig is easy once you learn how to do it, but stick to the fundamentals to make sure you don't pull a blarney stone.

Getting Started
Giving yourself plenty of room in the center of an open space, point your right toe out directly in front of you, extended from your knee. Next, execute the "one-two" by stepping with your right foot, then bringing your left together behind it. Then, move your toe up to your left knee and give yourself a little hop. And, we have Irish jig liftoff…

At The Hop
Swing your right leg back so you are positioned as, Wikipedia puts it, a flamingo. Think that's crazy? Well, you're going to love the next step that involves hopping in place on your left foot. Next, place your right foot on the ground behind your left. Beginning with your left foot, take three small steps in place behind you. Do this two more times, beginning with your right foot in front and you're doing the Irish jig.

Take Her Home
Get back into flamingo formation, and do a little more hopping on your left foot. Then do the flamingo thing with your left foot going back in to the four small steps. This is what's known as "rise and grind," also known as the "hop-hop back, hop back two-three-four." To send it home, repeat the entire Irish jig, starting with your left foot in front. The important thing to remember with the jig is remaining balanced, and keeping one foot elevated with the other in a spring motion, and you should at least be able to pass for someone dancing an Irish Jig. 

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