Line Dance Instructions

With line dance instructions anyone can learn how to dance. It is actually a lot of fun, especially when you have a few friends who also like to do it. If you don't have any line dancing friends, don't let that stop you. Once you learn a dance, even if it's just one, jump in when you see a dance starting on the floor.

The beauty of learning how to line dance is that no one cares if a complete stranger joins them on the dance floor. The line dance motto is the more the merrier. That said, if you're out at a dance club and your date doesn't know how to line dance, take advantage of the public platform. It's the perfect place to learn. Everyone is always willing to show you the dance steps and many DJs will shout out the steps.

Line Dancing in Public
Line dancing comes in a variety of forms. There are simple steps and complicated steps. The steps are repeated over and over again throughout the dance, so once you know the basics, you'll figure it out without too much trouble. If you fall behind or get confused, just look at the feet of the person beside you. Don't worry too much about body movements in the beginning, just get the foot action down and the rest will fall into place.

Move to the Music
Learning how to line dance is all about how much rhythm you have. If you don't have a lot of rhythm, don't think about your body movement; just dance like no one is watching you, because they probably aren't. Everyone who isn't dancing usually has their eyes glued on the feet of the best dancer on the floor, not the worst dancer. Everyone secretly wants to be out there line dancing, but some people are too shy to give it a whirl. People focus on the feet of the best dancer because they're trying to figure out the steps without leaving their seats.

Party Line Dance Tips
Parties are the best places to learn how to line dance. Usually you know everyone at the party, and drinks are flowing so everyone is willing to try something new. Take advantage of the opportunity, step out onto the floor and learn.

If you're bashful, steer clear of dances where partners link arms until you're sure you've got the moves down. Learn solo line dances like The Hustle, The Love Shack or The Macarena.

If you're on the awkward side, take a chance on dances where everyone looks silly, like The Chicken Dance. Everyone loses a bit of dignity doing The Chicken Dance, so your awkwardness will just be part of the fun.

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