What To Wear To Dance The Samba

Many people wonder what to wear to dance Samba. This high-energy form of dance is best accompanied by costumes that are in bright colors and expose a little flesh.

Samba Costume Basics
Samba, like most Latin dances, is active and lively. Your costume for Samba dancing should be the same. Most Samba costumes are made specifically for Carnival, dance competitions or other celebrations. They use bright energetic colors. They also use faux jewels, sequins, metallic fabric and fringe to heighten the flashiness of the costumes. They can include floral accessories and beading.

Samba costumes are normally revealing. This is for a few different reasons. First, Samba dancing is active, and wearing little clothing helps keeps the dancers cool. Normally the torso, legs, arms and shoulders of a dancer are exposed. While this doesn't always apply to male costumes, it certainly does to female costumes. Samba costumes also are revealing because Samba is an intimate dance. Having less clothing helps add to this feeling.

Samba Costume Styles
Samba dancers rely on a few different types of costumes pretty consistently. The first type is a bikini-style costume. This outfit looks just like a swimsuit with a bra top and brief pants. Bikini and skirt combinations are also popular. A longer skirt down to the knees can be paired with a bra top for another type of Samba costume. Some women and most men rely on Samba pants and tops for their dancing needs.

Other Samba Accessories
Samba dancing costumes aren't complete without accessories. Samba dancers like to make themselves stand out, especially if they are dancing in Carnival, so it's only natural that there are many different accessories that can be added to a Samba costume. These accessories can include boas, neck pieces, head pieces, gloves and heeled boots or sandals.

Where To Buy Samba Costumes
Many retailers specialize in Samba costumes for professionals and those who want to dress the part. The Samba Collection available from Doris de Hilster is a professional designed collection, but you can get a start on your costume with a bikini, sequins and feathers.

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Samba dance steps are sultry and exciting. Although some Samba dances are performed solo, this dance can also be performed with a partner. Once you get the timing and the steps, you'll steam up the floor.

The history of Samba goes back as far as the 16th century, although the modern Samba took about 200 years to develop into a form that would be recognized today.

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Once you've mastered the basic Samba dance moves, you can take your Samba dancing to a new level by learning the Whisk and the Copa.

Samba dance origins stretch back to the Brazilian culture, where the dance is often enjoyed and performed in Rio. The Samba is on display during Carnival in Brazil, where thousands of dancers perform the Samba in elaborate costumes.

By learning the origin of Samba, you can learn more about Brazil, the home of Samba music and Samba dance. This dance is a long-lasting symbol for Brazil and is a major part of the nation's yearly Carnival festival.

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