West Coast Swing Dance Steps

Get out your dance shoes and learn some West Coast Swing dance steps.

West Coast Swing Dance Steps: The Sugar Push

Got on those swing dancing shoes yet?

The sugar push is a walk, walk, triple step, walk, with the triple step taking two beats and the steps take one beat each.

The man holds his partner's right hand with his left hand. The man will start with his left foot while the woman starts with the right.

From the woman's viewpoint, the dance is two steps forward. At this point, the woman has weight on her left foot. She shifts her weight to her right foot, shifts her weight to her left foot and then steps back with her right foot.

During the dance step, the man will be on the opposite foot than the woman. At the same time, he will be pulling the woman towards him. As she does her second step, he pulls her towards his chest with both hands. After their triple step, he pushes her backwards into the next her step.

West Coast Swing Dance Steps: The Anchor Step

The anchor step is a step that is often used at the end of a series of steps or movement.

The anchor step is a variation of the triple step and has the same beat as the triple step uses in the sugar push. This step helps orient the partners for their next series of steps.

The woman places her left foot at a slight angle behind her right foot and shifts the weight left, right and left. Her partner does the same with the opposite feet.

As you become more comfortable with these simple dance steps, you will be able to add to your West Coast Swing repertoire. As you are learning, work on your style. West Coast Swing dance steps look best when there is drama involved.


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