Guide to Tango Dancing

Tango dancing requires first learning the attitude of the Tango. Before you even take a step, you need to know about posture, dramatic expression, frame and passion.

Tango dancers don't just go through the series of choreographed steps; they tell a story about power and passion with their faces and bodies. The best way to learn how to tango is to take lessons from a live teacher. Then she can help you by example, touch and explanation. Tango dancing is dramatic and sensual, with a sense of power. The movements tell a story to the music, which makes it an exciting dance to learn.

The Expression
Tango movements originate from the dancers' hips. When learning how to tango, the top of the body is held fairly stiff in contrast, which brings the audience's focus naturally to the hips and legs. The dancers are face to face, yet they do not maintain constant eye contact. Rather, they look over each other's shoulders, making eye contact dramatically at certain moments of the dance. There are head snaps, in which the dancers sharply turn their heads to face each other and share a smoldering gaze. The Tango is about passion, power and control, so the dancers' expressions and graceful movements must accentuate the drama of the dance.

Tango Dancing Steps
The Basic Tango dancing steps are paced slow-slow, quick-quick-slow. Most Tango steps are built in some way on the Basic. This move involves three steps forward (for the lead), and one step to the side, with the remaining foot coming to rest next to the first again. Since this dance moves in Line of Dance, or a counterclockwise path across the floor, it's important to be aware of other dancers and maintain a safe distance. Learnign how to dance the Tango requires kicks and fast foot movement that can trip or connect with other dancers, so it's prudent to pay attention while traveling the dance floor.

Once you can get the expression and a few steps, you know the basics of how to Tango. Try it out and see how enjoyable it is to express yourself not through words, but through body language alone.

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The traditional Tango steps are what make the dance so distinctive. This footwork gives the Tango its sensual and exciting flair. Once you learn these steps, you'll get a feel for the foundation of the dance.

While you master the basic Tango dance steps, attempt to express a dramatic, sensual attitude as you dance. The steps, your frame, your posture and your eye contact will help you set the right mood.

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Read about a brief history of tango dance and you will see how it becomes more clearly defined toward the beginning of the 19th century, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Where did the Tango originate? The sensual, teasing, powerful and dramatic dance called the Tango grew up in the 19th century in the cabarets of the Buenos Aires suburbs.

Learning Argentine Tango steps is an easy way to pick up the Tango. With a few lessons, you can dance confidently with your partner on the dance floor.

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