Tango Dance Steps For Beginners

While you master the basic Tango dance steps, including the Basic and the Promenade, attempt to express a dramatic, sensual attitude as you dance. The steps, your frame, your posture and your eye contact will help you set the right mood.

The Drama
The Tango involves holding a specific, rather rigid frame, with the dance partners facing each other. As this dance is led from the hips, the movements are more focused there because, in contrast to the hips and legs, the rest of the body is fairly stationary.

The man's right hand rests on the woman's left shoulder, while his left hand holds his partner's right hand out to the side. Her left hand rests at the midpoint of his right arm. Often, Tango dancers do not look at each other, save for select moments, in which the dancers turn their heads sharply and make eye contact.

The Basic
The Basic Tango dance step has five components. The rhythm is paced slow-slow, quick-quick-slow. Some dancers keep track of the five parts by saying the letters T-A-N-G-O (since there are five) as they follow each part of the sequence. The lead steps forward three steps, beginning with the left, as his partner follows by stepping backwards. Next, the lead steps to the right side and brings the left foot to meet the right. The Tango moves around the floor, rather than staying stationary. Be ready to keep a safe space from other dancers while moving.

For this step, both partners move ahead facing the same direction, turned to the side. The first two steps are slow steps forward. Partners then turn to face each other again (she does a pivot step), and the last step of the Basic is done by bringing the feet together. The Promenade is a dramatic way to move across the room and is one of the most well-recognized Tango steps.

It's best to learn to dance the Tango as a part of ballroom dance lessons. Often a ballroom dance studio will offer Tango classes as a part of its introductory dance lessons. Once you learn the footwork for these steps, your instructor may show you some extra movements, such as the Fan and Dips.

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The traditional Tango steps are what make the dance so distinctive. This footwork gives the Tango its sensual and exciting flair. Once you learn these steps, you'll get a feel for the foundation of the dance.

Tango dancing requires first learning the attitude. Before you even take a step, you need to know about posture, dramatic expression, frame and passion.

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Read about a brief history of tango dance and you will see how it becomes more clearly defined toward the beginning of the 19th century, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Where did the Tango originate? The sensual, teasing, powerful and dramatic dance called the Tango grew up in the 19th century in the cabarets of the Buenos Aires suburbs.

Learning Argentine Tango steps is an easy way to pick up the Tango. With a few lessons, you can dance confidently with your partner on the dance floor.

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