Basic Tap Dance Steps

Tap dance steps turn kinetics into sound. What could be more wonderful than literally tapping your own beat to the music? Tap dancing is exhilarating and challenging as well as a terrific workout. While knowing some basic tap dance steps may not put you on par with Sammy Davis Jr. or Shirley Temple, basic tap dance steps will put you on the road to your own personal tap dance satisfaction.

Basic Tap Dance Steps
To start, place your legs shoulder width apart and bend your knees slightly. The "toe tap" consists of lifting the toes of one foot off of the ground with your back heel still in place on the floor and dropping your toe back down to the ground for a sharp tap. Your left foot does the same thing. Repeat from side to side.

"Heel drops" consist of lifting the heel with your toe tap area remaining on the ground. Do not get up on your tip-toes. The heel drops down for a smack.

A "step" isn't simply stepping to the side. First, step to the right, shifting your weight to your right foot. Leave your right heel in the air. Then, step to the left with your left foot, shifting your weight to that foot. As long as you are stepping, both heels will remain in the air. Repeat rhythmically. You may have an easier time with your balance as you move. You can use this movement to go forwards, backwards, left and right.

"Stamp" is just what it sounds like. Your foot hits the floor flat for a crisp, loud sound. Your weight should be on the stamping foot.

"Touch" is touching your toe to the ground without shifting your weight to the "touching" toe. This allows you to "touch" on the same foot over and over again. It also enables you to "touch" in different directions, front or side. You won't usually touch to the back because it feels awkward.

Step-touch is a combination of the "step" and "touch" steps. Start by stepping to the right. Don't forget to shift your weight to your right foot. Then, touch, or tap, your left foot to the ground without shifting your weight. Follow this with a step to your left, shifting your weight to your left foot, and a touch with your right foot. Remember that neither of your heels will touch the ground at all.

The "stomp" is just like the stamp, but when you stomp, you don't shift your weight to the stomping foot. Although you can stomp to the back, you are more likely to stamp to the front or to the right.

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