The Basic Texas Two Step Dance Pattern

Need to learn the Texas Two Step dance pattern? If you don't want to embarrass yourself on the dance floor, you'll want to practice the Two Step at home before you try it in a bar. It's especially important for men to know how to do the dance properly before trying it in public because men lead and ladies follow in this dance style. Sign yourself up for Two Step dance lessons, or learn from a friend before you get out on the floor. These tips can help you figure out what to expect, but you won't know the Two Step until you practice.

Lucky for you, the Two Step is relatively easy to learn. The dance is made up of a simple, steady dance pattern: two steps quick, then two steps slow. You may wish to say to yourself silently "quick, quick, slow, slow" as you learn the step routine.

As you dance Two Step, you will rotate around the room in a counter-clockwise direction. All the couples on the floor will rotate in this same direction. If you are new, you'll want to head for the inner circle of the crowd, allowing the outside ring to remain free for faster, more adept dance couples.

The dance is always performed with a partner. You'll face your partner and put one hand on your partner's waist and hold your partner's hand with the other. Your arm should be held out, slightly bent, and there should be a significant amount of tension along your arm so that you can lead if you are the man or sense his lead if you are the woman in the couple.

The man in the couple moves forward, the woman moves backwards. The Two Step is danced such that the man moves his left foot forward and the woman steps back with her right foot, then the man quickly moves his right foot forward as the woman moves her left foot backwards. These two steps should happen quickly, taking one beat each. Remember: Quick, quick.

The next two steps follow much the same, only you'll take two beats to complete each step. Remember: Slow, slow. You'll actually stay still for the third beat, step slowly through the fourth beat, stay still for the fifth beat and step slowly through the sixth beat. Then you'll repeat the pattern.

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The Texas Two Step is a country dance enjoyed by many all over the United States. With roots in the Foxtrot, it's a simple enough step to learn but a challenge to master.

Want to know what the Texas two step dance is? Put on your cowboy boots and check out this lively dance style.

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If you're new to Two Step dance, you'll enjoy these tips on how to country two step. You want to get so good that you and your partner can glide across the floor, making the dance look effortless.

Two Step turns can look intimidating, but they will become easy after you've practiced them for a while. Just focus on mastering two turns so you'll have a few tricks to show off on the dance floor.

Want to know what the Texas two step dance is? Put on your cowboy boots and check out this lively dance style.

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