Two Step Dance Tips

If you're new to Two Step dance, you'll enjoy these tips on how to country two step. This dance style may look easy, but it is a challenge to master. You want to get so good that you and your partner can glide across the floor, making the dance look effortless. While you can always sign up for Two Step lessons, the best way to learn is to practice, practice, practice. You'll find most country bars have a Two Step night where you can practice with plenty of partners and learn from other dancers who are more experienced.

The following tips are great starting points for beginners:

Men Need To Take Small Steps
Since you are going forward and your lady-friend is moving backward, it's easier to take long strides when moving forward than when moving backward. Plus, you most likely have longer legs than your dance partner. These two factors make it essential for you to take small steps so you don't bowl over your partner.

Women Need To Follow
When doing the Two Step, men always lead, and women always follow. You'll need to keep your arm taut so you can feel his lead as he guides you around the dance floor. Since you are going backward, you'll want to let him lead. This will reduce your chance of bumping into other dance couples.

Dance Close To Your Partner
The closer you are to your dance partner, the easier it will be to follow and to move as a team. You need to be able to feel and sense each other's movements. Just make sure you bring along breath mints!

Don't Look Down
You may think looking down will help you know when to move your feet, but it will actually mess you up. Keep your eyes on your partner's eyes, and let your instincts move you. Besides, only beginners look down. You don't want to look like a newbie, do you?

Find Your Place
If you are still rather slow or inept, stick to the inner ring of the dance floor, opening up the outer ring of the floor for the fast Two Step dance experts who whisk around the room.

Respond To The Conditions
Dance with smaller steps if the floor is crowded. You can dance big if there are few people, but it's not a good idea to mix in swing moves or to dance using long strides if the floor is at all tight.

Don't Mingle While Dancing
While it's fine to chat with your partner while dancing, you should not talk to other couples or other dancers while dancing. Wait until you've taken a break to socialize.

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The Texas Two Step is a country dance enjoyed by many all over the United States. With roots in the Foxtrot, it's a simple enough step to learn but a challenge to master.

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Need to learn the Texas Two Step dance pattern? If you don't want to embarrass yourself on the dance floor, you'll want to practice the Two Step at home before you try it in a bar.

Two Step turns can look intimidating, but they will become easy after you've practiced them for a while. Just focus on mastering two turns so you'll have a few tricks to show off on the dance floor.

Want to know what the Texas two step dance is? Put on your cowboy boots and check out this lively dance style.

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