Two Step Turns For Beginners

Two Step turns can look intimidating, but they will become easy after you've practiced them for a while. If you're still learning how to two step dance, you should focus on mastering only two turns so you'll have a few tricks to show off on the dance floor. These Two Step instructions will get you started, but you'll need to see someone actually do these steps for you to understand how the dance pattern works.

Basic Two Step Turn
While you're dancing your basic two-step, practice making classic turns. You'll be following the traditional Two Step pattern of quick, quick, slow, slow with the man leading and the lady following such that the lady is moving backward. The man will have to indicate to his partner that he wants her to turn by placing pressure on her small of her back and gently leading with the hand holding her hand. The man should indicate which direction he wishes to turn, and then both of you should turn a quarter turn on the first two slow steps, then a quick half turn on your fast two steps. This will get you pointing in a new direction while maintaining the step pattern desired.

Lady's Turn
Commence two-stepping as you normally do, moving gracefully across the floor. Be careful to glide across the floor instead of bouncing; you will want to try to keep your feet close to the floor, picking them up only minimally.

When you are ready to turn, the man will raise his left hand and let go of his partner's waist. The woman will release her partner's right shoulder and will turn into her partner, spinning toward him. The man will use his right hand-the one that used to be on his partner's waist-and use this to guide her so that she will travel under his arm. As you make the turn, change the tempo of your steps to be four quick steps-quick, quick, quick, quick-followed by two slow steps. You should now be back in your starting dance position.

Change It Into A Double Turn
As she reaches her original position, the man will then lift his left hand again and turn her in the same fashion for a second turn. You will both return to your original dance positions during the last two slow steps. After this, resume the classic Two Step dance pattern.

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Want to know what the Texas two step dance is? Put on your cowboy boots and check out this lively dance style.

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