How Do You Become a Nascar Driver

How do you become a Nascar driver? The first thing is to dispel is the notion that Nascar drivers are a Rusty Calhoon, thunder road type of individual. Driving in Nascar requires a sponsor with a lot of money. Large corporations make up the majority of sponsors. This is strictly a business venture for them in the form of visibility, endorsements and advertising. In order to get a sponsor, the applicant must possess a good education, good appearance, ability to work under pressure, handle being in front of a camera, solid personal life and marketability, not to mention a winning portfolio from the ground up.

In the past, many of the drivers had only a high school education. Now the majority of the drivers have a college education. Physical fitness is another requirement. It is physically exhausting to drive 500 miles in 120-degree heat. Weight is another major factor. Every pound slows a car down and can make all the difference in winning or loosing. The perfect driver is no more than 175 pounds.

No age is too young to get started. When you are young, start with go carts and work your way up to racing stock cars. You can also race midgets on a dirt track or stock cars on the hardtop. This is the place to begin. Go to a track and get a pit pass. Ask some of the drivers what is required at that particular track to get started. Understand that racing in any form today is not cheap. Not only that, but if Nascar is the desired end result, winning is the only thing that will separate you from the rest of the field. To do this, generally the one with the most money in the car is the one on top. To win races takes talent and a machine that will hold up to the punishment as well. The better the parts and maintenance, the faster and longer the car will run without breakdowns.

The main theme is that a future Nascar driver needs all the breaks he can muster. Sponsors only hire drivers with a history of winning in all the classes. Once you get past the "beginning" stages and get some racing under your belt, you can start racing the faster Nascar races. It is recommended that you take a racing class. You can find information about racing classes at local tracks.

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