How to Jump Higher in Parkour

Learn how to jump higher while practicing parkour. It's easy, if you practice a few basic exercises.

Increase Your Physical Fitness
Developing your muscles will help you to jump higher. Strengthen leg muscles to allow them to propel you higher into the air. Some exercises you can do to strengthen your legs include leg presses, squats and lunges. As your legs adapt to squats and lunges, add some weights to your hands to make your body work harder.

A variation on squats that you can do includes plyometric exercises, which essentially are exercises involving jumping. To do plyometric squats, begin by performing a squat, keeping your back straight and making sure that your knees don't extend past your toes. Once you reach your lowest point, spring up and jump. Make sure to bend your knees again as you land to absorb the impact. Once you've landed go straight into another squat. This is a tiring exercise but can be quite effective.

Make sure that you're using your arms to help you determine how to jump higher. Your arms can be a useful tool to increase your momentum. Try swinging them back while you bend your knees and then forward as you jump up. Remember that keeping your arms strong (lifting weights, doing pushups) will make your arms as effective as they can be.

Obviously practicing jumping will help you learn how to jump higher. Find something that is just out of your reach and practice jumping to try to reach it. Make sure you don't overdo it and fatigue yourself; once you feel your muscles getting tired or find that you aren't able to jump as high as when you began, it's time to take a break.

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When you've learned how to train for parkour, you'll spend quite a bit of time working on the fundamentals before you can tackle the more difficult techniques.

Basic parkour moves are the building blocks of good parkour technique. Get these under your belt before you try anything too dangerous.

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What is parkour? It's the sport of dynamic movement through the urban environment.

Parkour is half extreme sport and half martial art, set in an urban environment. Some of its movements can be pretty fierce.

It's not too late to learn parkour. Get the basics down, and this magestic sport will be yours to conquer.

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