Useful Racquetball Tips

Everyone needs racquetball tips to improve their game. Here are a few.

Dominate center court. Keeping yourself in center court as much as possible keeps you equidistant from all parts of the court, which means that you won't have to run all the way across to court to get to a shot. Staying in the center of the court will also allow you to quickly capitalize on your opponent's mistakes.

There are times however when you'll have to relinquish that spot. By rule, you must allow your opponent every opportunity to get to the ball, and it is inevitable that you will have to get out of her way and allow her to take over the position.  A ceiling shot, or shot down the line are useful shots to use to regain the position, as your opponent will have to move toward the back or side of the court to return your shot.

There are a few different types of serves that you will put to use over the course of the game. Try to keep the motion for each serve as similar as possible. Making your motions different will tip your opponent off to the serve you're using. Like the pitching motion of a Major League pitcher, you want your serving motion to stay as consistent as possible to keep your opponent guessing.

Using angles is more important than hitting the ball hard. Some players get too caught up with trying to hit the ball as hard as they can to overpower their opponent. As with your serving motion, this can be compared to pitchers. Greg Maddux, a lock for the Hall of Fame, very rarely hit 90mph with a pitch. He changed speeds and locations to keep the hitters guessing. This is what you want to do with your serves and returns. You want to change the angles and the speed that you hit the ball in order to keep your opponent off-balance.  

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