College Football Team Logos

College football team logos are often easily recognizable, especially in areas where a college team's popularity rivals (or exceeds) that of professional sports teams. College football team logos vary in design and include simple letters, animals and mascots.

One of the most recognizable college football team logos is that of Notre Dame. Notre Dame's logo includes the "N" and the "D" in navy with a gold outline. Michigan follows a similar design, with a navy and gold-outlined "M" and "Michigan" across the middle. Another easily recognizable logo is Texas' burnt orange longhorn.

Simple letters are popular among college football teams, and the higher the profile of the school, the more recognizable (and profitable) the logo. Examples of famous letter logos include Virginia Tech, Georgia, Georgia Tech (which also includes a bee), Harvard and Louisiana State University.   Miami uses just a "U" that incorporates the colors of the school (green and orange). Ohio State spells its name across a simple "O."

Both the Florida State Seminoles and the Florida State Gators employ their mascot as their logos. Iowa follows this trend using its Hawkeye as its logo. So does Michigan State with its Spartan. Another Florida school, the University of Central Florida, combines the lettering with its mascot (a Golden Knight). Army's logo consists of another Knight, this one wielding a sword and a cape.

Animals are popular (as animals are often school mascots). Miami University (the Redhawks) has just that-a red hawk-as its logo. Buffalo has a blue bull and Baylor uses a bear. Both Brigham Young University and Washington State use an intimidating cougar. Penn State uses a lion. Air Force and Boston College both incorporate eagles into their logos.

Many schools share similar logos, or at least the idea behind the logos. Still, individual changes to design separate the logos from one another and preserve their identity. Some college football logos rival those of popular professional sports, such as the Red Sox "B" or the Yankees "NYY." Traveling to a college football town will show you the seriousness with which people take their college football teams-and logos.

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