Popular College Football Trivia Questions

Being familiar with college football trivia can help you out at the next trivia night at your local restaurant or settle a debate between friends. Here are some of the popular college football trivia questions you may want to know the answers to.

Q: What is San Diego State's nickname?
A: The Aztecs

Q: Which of the four major bowls is the oldest?
A: The Rose Bowl

Q: Where did CBS analyst Gary Danielson play college football?
A: Purdue (Quarterback)

Q: What is the name of Toledo's stadium?
A: The Glass Bowl

Q: What is the longest winning streak in college football history?
A: 47 games, set by the Oklahoma Sooners between 1954 and 1957.

Q: What is the longest losing streak?
A: 80-game's by Prairie View College.

Q: Who was the very first college football game played between?
A: Princeton and Rutgers.

Q: Who was the only member of the College Football Hall of Fame to receive an Oscar?
A: Irvine (Cotton) Warburton, for best Film Editing award for "Mary Poppins," in 1964. He was also an All-American at the University of Southern California.

Q: Who won the first NCAA Division III national championship?
A: Wittenberg in 1973 (and again in 1975).

Q: Who won the first NCAA Division II national championship?
A: Louisiana Tech in 1973.

Q: Who was the first NCAA Division I (formerly Division I-AA) champion?
A: Florida A&M in 1978.

Q: What school was the first Bowl Championship Series (BCS) football champion?
A: The first BCS champion was Tennessee.

Q: What school won the first football Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Championship Game?
A: Florida State (against Virginia Tech, 27-22).

Q: Has any player won the Heisman Trophy more than once?
A: Ohio State running back Archie Griffin, in 1974 and 1975. 

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