The Day the Tide Rolled out of Birmingham

 Legion Field was once the home of college football's owner of the title "Most National Championship Wins". University of Alabama's Crimson Tide football team. The field was the neutral sight for the University of Alabama's and Auburn University's football game. 82,000 plus packed into the stadium not to include the people tailgating and selling Alabama products. This field has been a consistent generator of cash for many years during the Iron Bowl era in Birmingham. When Birmingham lost the support of the Crimson Tide the communities started on a rapid decline. The revenue generated from the Crimson Tide leaving has not been replaced since 1996.

 Crime played a big part in the Crimson Tide leaving Birmingham. Many of the alumni would return to find their cars vandalized and items stolen. The community around the stadium took a majority of the blame for crimes they did  not commit. Many of the game's attendees were not the most honest of citizens. They often devised schemes or plans to defraud insurance companies by saying that a Negro broke into their vehicles during the Crimson Tide's games. The community got a bad rap and allowed certain prejudices to appear. Many of the residents were too young to even know what breaking into a car meant. The residents old enough to remember the ill treatment of Negroes knew the penalty for crossing a white man in the south. It was ill logical to think Negroes were willing to risk incarceration or even death for looking at a white man's vehicle. For safety issuesis another reason given for the departure of the Crimson Tide. More crimes takes place near the campuses of both Auburn and Alabama on game day than Legion Field had all games combined until 1996. 

 Economic Development has been drastically stifled since 1996. The Crimson Tide brought job fairs and waste management opportunities unseen since 1996. No other school in the modern era has packed up and left the field where it played profit producing football games sending the city into financial collapse. Concession sales have declined since 1996. The fairs and festivals do not generate the amount of capital the Crimson Tide brought to the city of Birmingham, and have declined every year since the team left. 

 Excitement Level has changed in the since the Crimson Tide left Legion Field. The push for another National Championship has recently began gaining momentum and America is seeing once again how the Crimson Tide can increase the profitability of a community just by making an appearance. The buzz modern technology is showing others about Alabama football should help them realize the destruction it causes to a city when the profits are lost. There is excitement in Birmingham about Alabama football but it is not because of the fact the Crimson Tide beat Auburn, went undefeated, had a Heisman winner and won another SEC Championship at Legion Field. It is because the new sons of the Crimson Tide have the same bonds to the city of Birmingham, champions are born here.

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